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Why haven’t we been doing this style of communicating all along? Write’s Storytelling at Work online course and workbook is here to take you above and beyond.

Kate Harrison Whiteside

Owner and CEO, Key Advice and Services

<p>Kate Harrison Whiteside</p>, <p>Owner and CEO, <span class="italic">Key Advice and Services</span></p>

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Storytelling at Work is current, relevant, and useful. To do great things, it takes a team of people heading towards one cohesive goal...I think it's one of the most useful skills you can have at work.

Cleo Iggy

Customer Support Specialist, Mobi2Go

<p>Cleo Iggy</p>, <p>Customer Support Specialist, <span class="italic">Mobi2Go</span></p>

Find out why every document has a story

Write CEO Lynda Harris shares our perspective on why focusing on writing is critical for achieving our goals at work.

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